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hong leong plaza
art deco architectural design, ecological space for urban occupants
site area
- 16,091 ㎡
gross floor area
- 32,073 ㎡
net lettable area
- 32,073 ㎡
standard floor area
- 500 – 1200 ㎡
handover condition
- bare shell condition
tenure of land
- 50 years leasehold
quality development
hong leong plaza
featuring the history, culture and style of shanghai landmark buildings, the unique project features design from the art deco movement, an overnight popular architectural style dating back to the 1930s commonly associated with order and symmetry. drawing inspiration from art masterpieces, the buildings' bold geometric elements, rich materials and exquisite craftsmanship paint a picture of contemporary luxury.

as a leed (leadership in energy and environmental design) gold award development, hong leong plaza hongqiao's key features include underground heating, solar system, high energy-efficient air-conditioning and gas water heater, rainwater harvesting and recycle system, self-adjusted building temperature, energy-efficient lighting system and integrated sun shield system. the landscape design follows the concept of garden office which integrated a sky garden atop all its five office towers. within this tranquil landscape, a sunken multi-functional business club embedded in the podium provides a breath of fresh air away from the traditional office, creating a desirable and ecological space for urban occupants.
prime location
shanghai hongqiao
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