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sustainability vision
changing the climate. creating sustained value.
sustainability mission
harnessing our capitals with strong esg performance and create long-term value for our business, stakeholders and the environment.
sustainability journey
cdl’s value creation business model is founded on our ethos of “conserving as we construct” since 1995. for over two decades, we have built a strong track record as singapore’s trusted property pioneer and are recognised as one of the most sustainable companies in the world.

at cdl, we believe that change is the only way forward for the sustained growth of our business. we have remained steadfast in our strategic integration of environmental, social and governance (esg) goals and policies into our business. cdl firmly believes that the way to future-proof our business and create sustained value for our investors and stakeholders is to mitigate risks, enhance resource efficiency, and drive productivity and innovation.

with an integrated and forward-looking approach, cdl has continued to raise the bar on esg practices and harness our capitals to be more resilient and future-ready.

our continued progress is widely recognised by 13 prominent global ratings, rankings and indexes. this includes the 2022 global 100 most sustainable corporations in the world by corporate knights, of which cdl emerged the world’s most sustainable real estate management and development company for the fourth consecutive year and top singapore company for the fourth consecutive year. cdl also maintained double ‘a’s in the 2021 cdp global a list for corporate climate action and water security, and is the only company in southeast asia and hong kong to score ‘a’ for corporate climate action for four consecutive years. other major rankings include ftse4good index series (since 2002); msci esg leaders indexes (since 2009 and ‘aaa’ rating since 2010); and dow jones sustainability indices (since 2011).

for our efforts in engaging our supplier network effectively to address climate change, cdl was the only real estate company in southeast asia and only singapore company awarded the 2021 cdp supplier engagement leader. this prestigious recognition places us amongst the top 8% of companies assessed by cdp for supplier engagement on climate change. we were also accorded global sector leader (diversified-office/retail-listed) and overall regional sector leader (diversified-office/retail) in the global real estate sustainability benchmark (gresb) and included for the fifth consecutive year in the bloomberg gender-equality index. additionally, cdl was the only singapore company out of 45 global companies to be awarded the inaugural 2021 terra carta seal by his royal highness the prince of wales.

cdl future value 2030 sustainability blueprint
to augment our sustainability-focused strategy, cdl became the first singapore company to embrace the united nations sustainable development goals (sdgs) since its launch in september 2015. to-date, we have embraced 14 out of 17 sdgs in our future value 2030 sustainability blueprint goals and targets. as part of our commitment to transparent disclosure, key strategic goals and esg targets set under our blueprint are tracked and reported quarterly and annually since 2017.

recognising the high environmental impact of the built sector, carbon management has been our priority. in 2018. cdl became the first real estate company in singapore to set carbon emissions intensity reduction targets in line with a 2°c warmer scenario validated by the science based targets initiative (sbti), a collaboration between cdp, the united nations global compact, world resources institute and the world wide fund for nature. in 2021, we set more ambitious carbon emissions reduction targets in line with a 1.5°c warmer scenario and were assessed and successfully validated by sbti.

along with setting more ambitious science-based emission reductions targets, cdl takes pride to have been the first real estate developer in singapore and the first real estate conglomerate in southeast asia to sign the worldgbc’s net zero carbon buildings commitment in february 2021, pledging to achieve net zero operational carbon emissions for buildings under our direct control and management by 2030 and advocating for all buildings to be net zero operational carbon by 2050. in november 2021, cdl was one of 44 pioneering companies to extend our pledge towards a net-zero whole life carbon emissions approach. through this expanded commitment, new and existing wholly-owned assets under our direct management and operational control will operate at net zero carbon and achieve maximum reduction of embodied carbon in new developments, compensating for any remaining residual operational and upfront embodied emissions by 2030.

testament to our pioneering and unwavering commitment to green building efforts since the early 2000s, cdl has amassed a portfolio of 114 bca green mark certifications for our developments and office interiors, making us the most awarded bca green mark platinum developer in the private sector. the green mark scheme was launched in 2005 by the building and construction authority, a statutory board under singapore’s ministry of national development, to promote sustainability in the built environment and raise environmental awareness among developers, designers and builders.

in the face of unprecedented climate, health and economic threats, our strong esg performance has positioned cdl to achieve sustained growth and attract fast-growing sustainable investments.

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