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as a property pioneer, cdl has been honoured with numerous awards and accolades that reflect our commitment to our stakeholders. many of these business excellence, sustainability and product excellence awards were conferred in recognition of our outstanding track record and an innovative spirit to inspire the built environment with architectural breakthroughs.

our key awards and accolades include:
business excellence
  • building and construction authority (bca) awards
    • only developer to be conferred the quality excellence award - quality champion (platinum) for nine consecutive years
  • singapore governance and transparency index 2022
    • ranked #4 out of 489 companies
  • bloomberg gender-equality index
    • only singapore real estate company listed since 2018
product excellence
  • 120 bca green mark certifications for developments and office interiors
    • building and construction authority (bca)
      • one of the leading private developers with the most bca green mark platinum certifications
  • fiabci world prix d'excellence awards
    • international real estate federations (fiabci)
      • put singapore on the world map with over 10 top winning properties
  • guinness world records
    • guiness world records
      • set world record for 'largest vertical garden' with tree house condominium in 2014
  • global 100 most sustainable corporations in the world 2023
    • ranked 28th overall; top real estate management and development company in the world and only singapore company listed for 14 consecutive years
  • cdp
    • only company in southeast asia and hong kong to maintain double 'a's for climate change (since 2018) and water security (since 2019); only singapore company to score an a in 2022
  • msci esg ratings
    • ‘aaa’ rating since 2010
  • dow jones sustainability indices (world) from 2011-2021, and dow jones sustainability indices (asia-pacific) since 2011
  • asia sustainability reporting awards 2022
    • asia’s best sustainability report (governance) - gold
    • asia’s best climate reporting - gold
    • asia’s best environmental impact reporting - gold
    • asia’s best sustainability report (large company) - silver
    • asia’s best sustainability report (ceo letter) - silver
  • * not exhaustive. for a full listing of cdl corporate and project awards, please refer to