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established in august 2010, cdl china limited (cdl china) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of , a singapore-listed international real estate operating company. as the china arm of cdl, cdl china is in charge of the expansion efforts within the prc and oversees the real estate development and investment activities there. cdl china currently has a presence in chongqing, shanghai, suzhou and shenzhen.

over the past ten years, cdl china has acquired eight development sites totalling over 1,100,000 square metres of gross floor area. the sites are located in shanghai, suzhou, chongqing and shenzhen, including residential and commercial developments, industrial park and sizable mixed-use projects.

since then, cdl china has further diversified its investments in various fields, ranging from real estate development, asset investment and management, industrial parks to corporate dormitories in china.

our mission is to make cdl a household name in china that is synonymous with high quality real estate developments, international expertise, green sustainability and professional property management. our vision is to redefine skylines of china through the creation of iconic, world-class landmarks.